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CELA - The Birthday App

Celebrate with Cela.

Birthdays are a time to connect and show appreciation for your network:
family, friends, colleagues, business acquaintances galore...

Cela inspires thoughtful gifting to anyone, anywhere in the world.

We're the bridge that brings you closer to the people you appreciate, transforming every birthday into a celebration.

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How Cela Works


Our Features

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How Cela works

Cela ensures you never miss a birthday. Receive timely birthday reminders, so you can celebrate your networks’ birthdays.

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Message the Birthday Person

Connect instantly! Send birthday wishes, messages and digital cards directly through the app, making your greetings personal and memorable.

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Send Thoughtful Gifts

Say it with a gift! Choose from a delightful range, including treats like a cappuccino. Cela makes gifting easy and hassle free: ensuring your gesture brings a smile.

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30 Days to Enjoy



The birthday person gets 30 days to savor their special gift, adding a delightful, stress-free twist to the celebration. Enjoy your gift at your convenience.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

A global, scalable, viral, digital product and service.

Are you interested in investing in the next big thing on the Internet? Well now is your chance. We are ready for investors. We have setup a global, offshore holding company from which we can launch Cela into different national terrorities. We are launching first in South Africa and Mauritius and then USA and beyond. Click below to receive our Data Room, with up to date pitch deck, MVP and financial modelling.

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