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At Cela Community, we elevate humanity by celebrating birthdays for the less fortunate, spreading joy, one cake at a time.

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About Us

Cela Community

At Cela Community, we believe in elevating humanity through the universal celebration of birthdays. Our mission is to ensure that even the less privileged can experience the joy and recognition that comes with a birthday celebration. Through our platform, individuals in need can apply to have their birthdays celebrated with a special touch. We facilitate this by accepting donations to prepare and deliver custom cakes made by our dedicated network of bakers. Each celebration is recorded and shared on our website, not just to commemorate the occasion but to inspire a chain of kindness. Join us in spreading joy, one birthday at a time, and be a part of a movement that speaks to our core belief: every person deserves recognition and celebration, regardless of their circumstances.

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Meet The Team
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Our Story

The Cela Community operates with the belief that small gestures can have a profound impact. Through partnerships with local bakeries and community organizations, the community identifies individuals in need or facing challenging circumstances, such as financial constraints, and surprises them with beautifully crafted birthday cakes. These delightful treats not only bring smiles to the faces of recipients but also serve as a symbol of care and kindness from the community.

Cela, The Birthday App, plays a pivotal role in driving the community's mission, contributing funds and support to ensure the seamless execution of these celebratory initiatives. By combining technology and generosity, The Cela Community, with Cela's backing, creates a positive ripple effect, fostering a sense of connection and solidarity within the community. In essence, this community embodies the spirit of giving back, one slice of happiness at a time, to make birthdays truly memorable for everyone.

Currently we are collaborating with the BeBold PBO and Trust run by fundraiser Charles Maisel. Funds will be allocated to Charles' PBO for the moment. We intend on registering our own NPC and PBO in due course.

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